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When chanting properly you are liberated

When chanting properly you are liberated

Lecture by Sri Madhu Pandit Dasa on January 27, 2015
Srimad Bhagavatam – 3.12.48

śabda-brahmātmanas tasya
vyaktāvyaktātmanaḥ paraḥ
brahmāvabhāti vitato



Brahma is the personal representation of the Supreme Personality of Godhead as the source of transcendental sound and is therefore above the conception of manifested and unmanifested. Brahma is the complete form of the Absolute Truth and is invested with multifarious energies.


According to the absolute scheme of things, this material world has originated from sound. The Lord has empowered Brahma by infusing shabda in his heart. It is from that shabda all this material energy is coming.  This is something we cannot understand materially. Prabhupada gives an idea of this by saying that how everything starts with an idea, then how much shabda is generated to create a multi storied building. When you think a bit, yes, a lot of sound is generated, you want to order cement and steel for the building, the starting point is sound and from there it moves on.


So even in our tiny creation we are able to see the role of sound as the origin of creation. And the pranava OM is the mother of all sounds, which means that pranava is the source of all thoughts. These sounds contain what they represent, that is what has manifested as subtle and gross material energy. Earth, water, fire, air, ether, manas, buddhi, ahankara – finer than that is sound that contains all these eight elements.  Krishna put the sound in Brahma’s heart and that sound had all the multifarious energies that were required to bring forth this material world according to the design of the Lord. Supreme spiritual sound means the sound which manifests the spiritual world, that is Brahman, Para Brahman.  The material word OM is also the impersonal representation of the Lord; it is also shabda Brahman, from which this material world has manifested.

Similarly transcendental shabda, namnam akari bahudha nija sarva sakti.  Within the Lord’s name all the power that is required is there.  Especially the power to liberate the living entity from this material entanglement. Material entanglement is due to another energy acting on us.  If somebody catches me tightly, and if I have to free myself, I need to have the strength. That is the meaning of getting liberated. By surrendering to Krishna we get released from the ropes of the three modes of material nature. The atma should get that shakti to get liberated from the material world. Bondage is by the rope of ignorance. Transcendental knowledge cuts this rope and this has to flow from the holy name because Krishna nama is Para Brahman which is the source of all knowledge.  Now look at the great opportunity that is placed before us, to come in touch with Para Brahman and become liberated and engage in devotional service.  When we understand that, He has created the material world for those who want to enjoy independently, then you take a decision not to enjoy independently, then this material world is as good as the spiritual world.  Therefore it is said that pure devotional service is executed from a liberated platform.

Now our soul is stuck, the gross body itself is ignorance. But more ignorance is in the subtle body as material intelligence is there.  False ego is there – I am this body is an idea and idea is a sound. The mind is full of thoughts, you stop thinking of one thing; you think of something else, that is material shabda. You are trapped in the material shabda means you are tied in the material world. In the midst of this there is a blessing, the holy name incarnation is there, it is Para Brahman.

So now our consciousness, if it simply hears this sound – Hare Krishna maha mantra – without any thought, you are in Brahman; you are not falling down, at least for that moment.  Therefore Prabhupada says, don’t think during chanting, just hear.  You get transported from this world to Brahman world.  And unless one has freedom from mind one cannot understand spiritual knowledge. Therefore Prabhupada has given this programme for us, early morning itself, situate yourself in Para Brahman, charge your soul by doing only one thing – chant Hare Krishna.  Our intention should be exclusively to touch the holy name with the faith that the holy name has mercifully descended and with gratitude you are approaching the holy name to come out of this material world and feel transcendental.  The Lord has said that in this age, I shall descend in the holy name.  Even unconsciously if somebody utters Krishna or Rama he is benefitted.  Why? Because I have given My word that I will come down in this material vibration that you vibrate with your tongue – Hare Krishna, Hare Rama. Our conception is that it is material sound, this nama, but it is absolute always.  And only a pure devotee can actually see its absoluteness, and benefit from its association.  And Prabhupada uses the word that the Nama Prabhu is the shakti avesha avatara.  It is a manifestation of the Lord and every avatara has its lila. Nama Chintamani rasa vigraha Krishna Chaitanya, His nama is rasa vigraha, that means the nama wants to have rasa with jiva.  What is that rasa? His rasa is He wants to liberate us from this material life. Rasa means giving and taking. He gives us transcendental knowledge first.  When that knowledge has the power to untie us from the three modes of material nature, then that is realized knowledge and that is coming from Hare Krishna chanting. 

You can read Prabhupada’s books but if you don’t touch shabda Brahman, you don’t get that potency to become free from this material world.  It is moving from material intelligence to spiritual intelligence.  This sravanam and kirtanam is executed on a liberated platform, ideally.  By hearing, nityam Bhagavatam sevaya, become freed from tamo guna, rajo guna, sattva guna and then transcendental sattva.  Hearing is a conscious activity. Matter cannot hear, the soul has to hear.  By hearing it gets charged.  Proof of the pudding is in the eating.  Don’t allow the mind to bring you down, go on chanting and hearing. Knowledge is secondary; the energy will lift you up first.  If you want to go to the fourth floor, the knowledge is there, go left, right, and all those things, but somebody gives you an energy and says – don’t go through all that, I will lift you straight up.  The Lord is more anxious to liberate us provided we take association, we learn to chant offencelessly.  Once you chant properly hearing, liberation is not an issue at all.  These are all statements by Prabhupada. How you are liberated you need to understand, for that moment you are liberated, the next moment the mind comes and takes you out into the material world.  But we are not able to experience that, because it is momentary.

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