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The Sun is unaffected even by evaporating the filth

The Sun is unaffected even by evaporating the filth

Lecture by Sri Madhu Pandit Dasa on December 12, 2014
Srimad Bhagavatam – 3.12.29-32


tam adharme kṛta-matiṁ
vilokya pitaraṁ sutāḥ
marīci-mukhyā munayo
viśrambhāt pratyabodhayan


Thus, finding their father so deluded in an act of immorality, the sages headed by Marici, all sons of Brahma, spoke as follows with great respect.


naitat pūrvaiḥ kṛtaṁ tvad ye
na kariṣyanti cāpare
yas tvaṁ duhitaraṁ gaccher
anigṛhyāṅgajaṁ prabhuḥ


O father, this performance in which you are endeavoring to complicate yourself was never attempted by any other Brahma, or by anyone else, or by you in previous kalpas, nor will anyone dare to attempt it in the future. You are the supreme being in the universe, so how is it that you want to have sex with your daughter and cannot control your desire?


tejīyasām api hy etan
na suślokyaṁ jagad-guro
yad-vṛttam anutiṣṭhan vai
lokaḥ kṣemāya kalpate


Even though you are the most powerful being, this act does not suit you because your character is followed for spiritual improvement by people in general.


tasmai namo bhagavate
ya idaṁ svena rociṣā
ātma-sthaṁ vyañjayām āsa
sa dharmaṁ pātum arhati


Let us offer our respectful obeisances unto the Personality of Godhead, who, by His own effulgence, while situated in Himself, has manifested this cosmos. May He also protect religion for all goodness.


Brahma after having created a daughter named Vak from his body, his mind was attracted and he started pursuing her. Brahma in this material world is next to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, yet how did he fall victim to this maya or illusion? This has to be seen from two perspectives – one is philosophically and the other is as an individual Brahma.

lord brahma

Prabhupada explains here that Brahma as a supreme living entity, was setting the codes of existence in this world, and in the process he was warning of the danger of association between men and women. Therefore this is for those who want to spiritually elevate and come out of this conditioning. Just like the sun is unaffected by even evaporating the filth, similarly, spiritually such great personalities may not be affected. In the process of creation by divine providence this lila is happening. One who hears Srimad Bhagavatam regularly, and is engaged in devotional service, he can be spared from this illusory attraction. This is contradictory to spiritual life, it is destructive, atma nasanam Krishna says, viddhy enam iha vairinam – it is eternal enemy of the soul, jnana vijnana nasanam – it destroys jnana and vijnana.

Just like you take some drug, excessive alcohol, immediately it affects your consciousness. Similarly, this drug or sex – from outside you don’t have to put this drug, by mental concoction you create in your brain. That concoction is what releases that chemical in the brain and then we are victims. You cannot say that, “I am a devotee. I shall drink a lot of alcohol and I shall walk straight.” You may be a devotee but if you drink alcohol you will walk like a drunkard, no difference. There is no difference between this analogy and the force of sex on our system.

It is all bodily relationship, an imitation of purusa and prakriti.  Otherwise at all other times everybody is false purusa in this material world. Basically every soul is prakriti. The only purusa is Krishna, but in the material world everybody is trying to be false purusa. I am not the body, but the body-mind-brain mechanism is all set to follow certain laws.

So it is not that we are restricting our soul, we are restricting our body and mind. Some of the fundamental things to come out of this illusion – abstinence is extremely important. If you keep supplying that hormone then it becomes a cycle in the head, then it becomes obsessive.  Just seeing the opposite sex is enough, one drop of that chemical is gone, then little high you feel and then immediately that action is reinforced. So next time again any opposite sex, your eyes cannot stop, you have to see. Why? Because last time you were rewarded with a little positive chemical and then it goes on, you won’t even know.


It is just like the parable of the boiling frog, in Management they give this example.  When a frog is put in a vessel with water on a stove and then gradually heated – 35 degree, 50 degrees, the frog is sitting there. It is not sensing the increase in temperature. Already the frog’s mind is adjusted to gradual increase. It is not deciding to jump out. So it comes to a boiling point. Then he is in danger, he dies. Now if you take a frog and put it in the boiling water, it will immediately jump out – see the reaction. So in the other process, it is slow conditioning so that you think it is normal.

Similarly this advice given to us – how to look at opposite sex, from the shastras, without lust, this is very important. Otherwise if you don’t follow that instruction then you are gradually feeding your habit and then it is a perpetual obsession.  Take the example of the frog, it will feel helpless because it did not sense the gradual increase. If one has to associate with women, then one has to look at that person as one’s mother. Also you have to see your relationship as a son. Then there is no danger.

If we are interested in spiritual life this hormone should not be generated in our brain and this creative energy will find other paths in our minds for bringing sharp memory. So to maximise our memory capacity, we should not unnecessarily lose semen. In modern science, they don’t understand this but Vedic understanding says, more and more one loses semen then towards old age his memory will totally fail. It is like consuming a fuel. Certain kinds of nerves are not recreated in the brain, that is modern science findings. So when you are young you should not play around with this energy, this is the semen, most potent. Foolishly due to lack of knowledge, we waste it.

So from this lila of Brahma, what is to be understood? It is not a show of one’s spiritual power to be undisturbed in the presence of women. If at all in service of Krishna you are undisturbed, it is by the blessings of the Lord. Mattah smrtir jnanam apohanam ca – He gives us our proper memory, knowledge, everything to stand without being affected.

(The above transcripts have been edited for better readability. However they have not been verified and confirmed by the original speaker.)

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