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Prashanth asked 5 years ago

Hare Krishna Prabhu My question is how can we find out practicaly who is controlling us – is it Krishna or maya and at what point of time they take charge?

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Madhu Pandit Dasa Staff answered 5 years ago

Hare Krishna Prashanth,
Lord Sri Krishna says in the Bhagavad-gita – ‘mahatmanas tu maam partha daivim praktim ashritya’. A great soul takes complete shelter of the internal potency of the Lord and is therefore controlled by the spiritual potency. On the other hand, if someone is not under the spiritual potency, then he is under the influence of the inferior external energy. So, by knowing the activites of a jiva, one can easily find out what category of a jiva he falls in.

Moment anyone surrenders to the Supreme Lord, the Lord takes his complete charge. Haribol!