want monetary help for SARANGATI ASHRAM,OREGON

want monetary help for SARANGATI ASHRAM,OREGONCategory: Questionswant monetary help for SARANGATI ASHRAM,OREGON
Anonymous asked 8 years ago

father dandavats ALL GLORIES TO HIS DIVINE GRACE ABHAY CHANRANARABINDA BHAKTIBEDANTA SWAMI SHRILA PRABHUPADA FATHER THIS IS VERY URGENT pls help ,I hope you know our dear SRI YAMUNA MA ,SARANGATI ASHRAM was her brainchild ,a lot of sweet devotional service to SRI SRIRADHABEHARI HAS BEEN DONE,there are lots of memories of the bhakta community whoever came there ,but NOW the problem is that due to detoriating health of MOTHER DINA(now in FLORIDA),she has shifted there becoz of zero medical facilities in canada,so for this reason she had to put the property on sale for$80,000 .Now the devotee community want to purchase it from her so as to prevent selling it of to some private owner,they have raised the a subsiquent fund of $30,000 by selling books of sri yamuna ma,they still need $50k my request is pls help them raise this fund ,before 19th may ,becoz 19th may is the birthday of our ma yamuna,i am sure if you help them ,our spiritual master would be very thankful to you ,here is the link to the website – http://krishnamagic.com/save-bm/
thank you for hearing me
trying to be vaishnav