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Hare Krishna
I have been thinking about taking shelter of a guru in ISKCON. I have been reading a lot about ISKCON Bangalore and how it is separate. Also reading about the RITVIK system i.e. the final instructions by Srila Prabhupad. Where to find the truth behind all this? Can I do devotional service all my life, chant all my life, read prabhupad books,preach prabhupad's message without any association with any organization and still go back to godhead? I want to be a pure devotee but I am having a hard time to understand the truth. We live in Kali yuga and what we see is not always true. Prabhupad's books have everything and after reading and listening through all of these controversies, I am thinking of not getting initiated. Is this the right approach? HariBol!

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Madhu Pandit Dasa Staff answered 6 years ago

Hare Krishna,
you can also watch the below videos to get more clarity:

Hari bol.