How to develop strong faith in shashtras?

How to develop strong faith in shashtras?Category: QuestionsHow to develop strong faith in shashtras?
anurag panwaria asked 7 years ago

When we see some thing in shashtras which seems incomprehensible or exaggeration to our present mental status, our faith in shastras shiver.How to develop great faith in shastras and make our mind more stronger to stick to the principles of shastras. and in which way can make others to understand it? As an example, in mahabharat ‘dasayutanam ayutam sahasrani ca vimsatih kotyah sastis ca sat caiva ye smin rajamrdhe hatah 10 alaksyanam tu viranam sahasrani caturdasa dasa canyani rajendra satam sastis ca panca ca’ Yudhishthira answered, Pandava Armies 7 Akshouhinis = 551,33,83,260 Kaurava Armies 11 Akshouhinis = 866,38,87,960 Total 18 Akshouhinis = 1417,72,71,240 (almost 1400 crore people) and Of the heroes that have escaped, the number is 240,165. 2. In bhagvatam it is stated moon is far than sun. Just want to know how a devotee should see all this.