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Sevanishta Dasa asked 5 years ago

Hare Krishna Prabhu, AGTSP.
Generally, we, so called educated people, always have a thought process of building faith after having belief. We have been hearing in Prabhupada's lectures and conversations that Faith is not dervied from belief. Now Prabhu, can you please help us in understand this.
Sevanishta Dasa

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Madhu Pandit Dasa Staff answered 5 years ago

Hare Krishna Sevanishta,
We need to have faith in Guru, sadhu and shaastra, but not blind faith. We need to have shraddha – firm conviction in the words of the Acharya, which comes from the causeless mercy of the Supreme Lord as Paramatma. Unless we have as much faith on the words of a bonafide Guru as much as we have on the words of the Supreme Lord, the knowledge (jnana) will not get transformed into vijnana (realization). So our belief systems have to be re-programmed from the Shaashtra-cakshuh point of view and not based on our past experiences or from improper unauthorized sources. Haribol…