confused-with-my-life-and-worrying-how-to-dedicate-my-life-to-krishna-paramahtmaCategory: Questionsconfused-with-my-life-and-worrying-how-to-dedicate-my-life-to-krishna-paramahtma
Upendra Chokka asked 6 years ago

Dear swami, I'm studying Btech 3rd year in NIT Silchar and before some months i got to know about that nothing is permanent and everything is krishna maya. So to sacrifice my life to krishna I'm getting so many distractions like my family because we used to eat non-veg alot but after knowing started learning bhagavad gita i just stopped eating non-veg for four months in college time but in holidays time when i came to home they forced me to eat non-veg and not only them even i thought to eat because i don't want to make them sad by cooking veg dish only for my purpose also my environment is running for maya (jobs,marriage…) but I can't leave my parents because i need to help them to survive as krishna told in bhagavad gita to arjuna that everyone must do their karma like arjuna need to fight and i need to help my parents because that is my dharma as a son but meanwhile i can't sacrifice everything to govinda so please give some light so make me enlighten to know the purpose of my life. Hare Krishna 🙂