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ssdd asked 7 years ago

Hare Krishna Prabhuji,Dandavat pranams! All glories to Srilaprabhupad! Jai Srilaprabhupad!I am a rithvik initiated devotee, very unfortunate to not have devotees association and very unfortunate to not get temple service.I have a question, kindly help me understand.IF a spirit soul is destined to undergo some suffereing and some happiness based on his karma, will it also be destined of what kind of distress and happiness.I am asking this because before coming to Krishna Conciousness my destiny was that I will not not have anyone in my life (except the Lord in the spirit soul form who is my company), even though I have everyone in my life. As I was not able to accept their love as true love.After coming to Krishna concious I love to have devotee association but unfortunately I am not near Rithvik temple and devotees association but guruvadi\\\’s temple and association. As they have doubt about me as rithvik they do not give me any service other than book distribution.Also I feel lack of association. Same kind of pain as before coming to Krishna conciousness.So kindly clarify me if the source of pain will also be same kind.Your servant,ssdd