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JAPA should be done with ACTIVE ATTENTION

JAPA should be done with ACTIVE ATTENTION

The Holy Name is invested with all energies. The energies are ‘sat‘, ‘cit‘ and ‘ananda‘. ‘Sat‘ means eternal existence or identity and ‘cit’ means knowledge energy and ‘ananda‘ means bliss energy. Just because the chanter of the Holy Name does not experience these pure energies, it does not mean it is not acting on the chanter. Suppose you throw wet wood into the fire, you will see that the wood does not catch fire like  dry wood. Even  dry wood will also take time to slowly get warmer and warmer and then catch fire. But the fire will first act on removing that wetness of the wood. Then slowly it heats the wood and then it becomes fire.  The wet wood will say, ‘see I am in fire but I am not catching fire.’ Why? Because you are wet. Not only that – every day the holy name is drying you when you associate during Japa provided you hear the Japa and before next day’s Japa during the day you again get wet. What is this wetness? Sinful deeds will drench the soul deeply wet. Fruitive activities will also make you wet.  You also kindly read the ten offenses to Japa which is another source of getting wet. Also so much stock of sinful reactions of past lives are there. They also cover the soul.  So the Holy name’s first effect is ‘ceto darpana marjanam’. Cleansing of heart. Cit energy means knowledge. So sat-cit energy acts first in removing ignorance about our self.

So our attachment to all these wet activities prevent the Holy Name from igniting  the soul directly and causing immediate experiencing of the spiritual fire of pure sat cit ananda energies.

Drying our wet soul happens fast if the soul also leaps out to touch the holy name directly. What does that mean? That is ‘Attentive’ hearing of Japa. It is through attention that the soul is peeping into this world. We should make our attention touch the sound incarnation. Then the soul gets directly heated up and becomes warmer and warmer (heat of sat cit ananda). Then by chanting body-mind is also getting purified by the energies and our soul also is touching the Sound incarnation by hearing with attention.  Thus, chanting and hearing spiritually heats the soul with sat-cit-ananda energies and also heats the covering of the soul (gross body and subtle body) and make it warmer and warmer which can be experienced first as the flow of ‘cit’ effect in the form of awakening of self-evident self-knowledge.

Hence we should do Japa with active attention to hear the sound incarnation and take care we do not pour the water of sin or fruitive activities during the day. By offering all that you do everyday to Krishna you can avoid your daily activities from becoming fruitive. – “yat karosi yad asnasi yaj juhosi dadasi yat yat tapasyasi kaunteya tat kurusva mad-arpanam

TRANSLATION: Whatever you do, whatever you eat, whatever you offer or give away, and whatever austerities you perform — do that, O son of Kunti, as an offering to Me.

Also, avoid the ten offenses to the Holy Name described in Padma Purana; then the spiritual growth will be rapid and all three experiences i.e.: flow of sat, cit and ananda energy is for sure to replace asat, acit and nirananda material energies. Not only the soul, but even the material body will get spiritualized.

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