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DEITY ― one of the most merciful incarnations

DEITY ― one of the most merciful incarnations

Deity incarnation is the very merciful incarnation of the Lord in this material world. While installing Him by inviting Him to reside in the Deity by Himself becoming a form similar to the material substance of the murti, we have to be responsible as humanly as possible to ensure seva goes on in a befitting manner. Recklessly one cannot install without proper arrangement for worship. Again the installer cannot control the future. In fact the Lord is the controller of Kala. Therefore I said as ‘humanly’ possible we should ensure that the seva goes on before installing.

The Lord is swarat. He can be bound only by Love. He can never be bound by matter of the Deity unlike how we are bound by this material body.

In fact by the descendance of the Lord in a form similar to the Deity material, the matter of the Deity becomes spiritually transparent or spiritualized by the internal energies that accompany Him resulting in a nullifying effect of three modes on the devotee seer or worshipper. In other words the matter becomes spirit or pure brahman, its original state free from three modes. Thus we can see that there is nothing material in the Deity. Everything is spiritual. Thus we see that Lord when He descends into the Deity body, His energies influence the matter and not other way around. Deity is ever liberated. Only love binds him. Srila Prabhupada says “The Supreme Personality of Godhead is known as bhava-grahe janardana because He takes only the essence of a devotee’s attitude.” Why should He be bound to the Murti if worship stops? He is infinitely merciful and tolerant. He will not go away so easily. Only when He is offended by active neglect He obviously goes away. It is all interpersonal factors between devotees and Deity – like how the Sakshi Gopal Deity walked thousands of miles to bear witness for the reputation of His devotee.

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